Cwis call for evidence

I would formally request that all assumptions and philosophies behind your proposed direction of travel are very carefully checked as I understand they may contain unexplored errors in thinking. I would ask for formal comparisons to be carried out and published of the safe system method you propose, the eu aircraft safety management system, the… Continue reading Cwis call for evidence


Sunday morning random rubbish generator

Excuse this Sunday morning stream of consciousness 🙂 I need a hot bath regularly to ease my spasticity and I am then a random rubbish generator! I also don't seem able to remember much and writing it down helps! I went to a fireworks party after we met with some friends who were leaders of a local… Continue reading Sunday morning random rubbish generator

Reforming highways law and cycling

I formally submitted the following to the Law Commission. I suggest it is noted ... 1st Floor, Tower ​52 Queen Anne’s Gate London SW1H 9AG 020 3334 0200 ​ Dear consultee Thank you for taking an interest in this consultation for our 13th Programme of law reform. Your contribution will play a vital part… Continue reading Reforming highways law and cycling

Dropped kerbs, Crossovers, Cambers and cycling infrastructure

I have a new mobility aid and street audit tool, a Christiania Cargo Trike 🙂 I think there are many unchallenged design assumptions, and would be pleased to hear any thoughts about the following Kerbs Kerbs are a type of barrier. They are a reactive invention.A detailed study of all types of kerbs, their history… Continue reading Dropped kerbs, Crossovers, Cambers and cycling infrastructure

Security and equality

The UN has written “Disasters and other crises often exaggerate existing inequalities. But they also present opportunities to identify gaps in existing policies, to innovate new practices, and initiate greater efforts to correct for the uneven distribution of vulnerabilities” The implementation of these conventions, however, will no doubt be challenged by longstanding patterns of structural… Continue reading Security and equality