Build solar thermal troughs, similar to those built in Egypt in 1910, in the Sahara and other deserts next to the sea. Heat the salt water to steam to power turbines. Two products, electricity and fresh water. Use the fresh water in permaculture in the deserts, plant trees, create microclimates that enable transpiration from the … Continue reading Geoengineering

Make it so

There is an extremely hoary and ancient joke that someone asked how to get somewhere. Ah I would not start from here. The Triptych Transport systems are part of processes that enable people to live well together – civilisation.1 Three core domains are needed to create civilised ways of being: BuildingsLife between buildings, andTransport networks But … Continue reading Make it so

Dotty Think. Timetables, trains per hour and beg buttons

Are not timetables and trains per hour completely different ways of imagining rail systems? Timetables are dotty, trains per hour are about flows. Is not this widely unrecognised distinction leading to all sorts of problems and messes? Not only in rail, on roads as well. Traffic lights and beg buttons for pedestrian crossings are also … Continue reading Dotty Think. Timetables, trains per hour and beg buttons

TFL Step free access

Please formally study this and implement it. The key problem is of siloiing subjects and not understanding that sustainability, inclusion and logistics are nearly completely overlapping sets. Rail is also not understood as the key utilities network provider and probably the future largest energy producer in the UK. TfL could easily be heating London … Continue reading TFL Step free access

Ecosystems Shelters and Societies March 1983

Clive Durdle CONTENTS Preface Part A  ECOSYSTEMS APROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY, ENERGY AND RESOURCES  technological change, energy and resource availability, effects of practices – political, chemical, pollution, resource depletion, ecological. ECOLOGY – RELATIONSHIPS AND RESOURCES relationships, environment, ecology as a science and a social science, human activity is ecological, population and exponential growth, ecological approaches – resources – … Continue reading Ecosystems Shelters and Societies March 1983

The horse the human and inclusive design

Two mammals have entered a symbiotic partnership. They are both self energy seeking, self repairing and self reproducing but have found cooperation valuable. There are two main forms of cooperation, bare back and with the use of various tools or prostheses. The prostheses include seating, and controls also known as reins stirrups and saddles. The … Continue reading The horse the human and inclusive design

The Ministry for the Future

Article 14 of the Paris Agreement says there shall be a periodic global stocktake. Article 16 4 says regular conferences shall make the decisions necessary to promote the Agreement's effective implementation, by establishing such subsidiary bodies as are deemed necessary for the implementation of the agreement. Article 18 Allows a permanent subsidiary body with permanent … Continue reading The Ministry for the Future