Pavement Parking

I must ask for your patience in reading this, as I am using the philosophy of an ancient joke. When asked how to get somewhere, the response was, aah, I wouldn’t start from here if I were you. What is parking? The meaning of the word parking has changed dramatically.Richmond1⁠ writes: park (circa 1845) verb … Continue reading Pavement Parking


Sir Richard Burton (not that one) on how to learn a language

Get a simple grammar and vocab. Mark absolutely essential forms and words Learn by heart - never more than 15 minutes at a time. Learn 300 words - easily done - in a week. Stumble through some easy book work. Underline every word you wish to recollect. "Having finished my volume" carefully work up the … Continue reading Sir Richard Burton (not that one) on how to learn a language

How to govern

A policy or strategy must have and demonstrate three things: 1. it is internally logical, 2. it must demonstrate clearly its context and relationships and be aware of habitus 3. it must be humane, fun, intriguing, liminal, paradoxical, of zen, puzzling, open, enabling. 🙂

Reforming highways law and cycling

I formally submitted the following to the Law Commission. I suggest it is noted ... 1st Floor, Tower ​52 Queen Anne’s Gate London SW1H 9AG 020 3334 0200 ​ Dear consultee Thank you for taking an interest in this consultation for our 13th Programme of law reform. Your contribution will play a vital part … Continue reading Reforming highways law and cycling

Dropped kerbs, Crossovers, Cambers and cycling infrastructure

I have a new mobility aid and street audit tool, a Christiania Cargo Trike 🙂 I think there are many unchallenged design assumptions, and would be pleased to hear any thoughts about the following Kerbs Kerbs are a type of barrier. They are a reactive invention.A detailed study of all types of kerbs, their history … Continue reading Dropped kerbs, Crossovers, Cambers and cycling infrastructure