Food Banks or food coops and celebration?

Many years ago I was involved in food coops, and recently went to Kos.  I was impressed by the many small Greek Orthodox chapels, all with kitchens and dining areas, and looking up the numbers of Saint's days, understood why!Nearby islands are blue zones, with the highest life expectancy on the planet. Why are we handing … Continue reading Food Banks or food coops and celebration?

Tool Libraries

I have a cellar full of tools and man stuff.  But why?  As we have libraries and car sharing and car clubs why not share many many more things like tools, gardening expertise, design skills?Why do individuals drag around van loads of stuff when they could be picked up using a cargo bike from a … Continue reading Tool Libraries

Permaculture and the myth of scarcity Charles Eisenstein At a conference a couple weeks ago an activist who does work in Africa recounted an encounter she had with the minister of agriculture of a certain African country. The minister spoke with excitement about the high-tech agricultural technologies he was bringing into the country in partnership with large agribusiness companies, so the activist brought … Continue reading Permaculture and the myth of scarcity Charles Eisenstein

Coursera how to change the world – an essay

Describe at least two examples of how individuals or private corporations have tried to take something to which a community had free access and restrict this access on the basis of private ownership or price. What can you do to bring something back into the commons? I am going to discuss three areas of relationships between … Continue reading Coursera how to change the world – an essay

Where there is no doctor Or how to set up and run a health service properly! Sample Lists of Questions To Help Determine Community Health Needs and at the Same Time Get People Thinking FELT NEEDS What things in your people’s daily lives (living conditions, ways of doing things, beliefs, etc.) do they feel help them to be healthy? … Continue reading Where there is no doctor

Health for all, health and well being and older person’s strategies

Following a bit repetitive of other posts but never mind! Health and wellbeing, extra care etc! I have recently completed a short on line course presented by John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health about “Health for All”. I really enjoyed this course as it filled a critical gap in my understanding and also … Continue reading Health for all, health and well being and older person’s strategies

Ageing – separately or in communities? Thought provoking! Since the 1960s, there has been a steady increase in the development of environments built specifically for older people including retirement housing, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), memory care centers, and assisted living facilities.  This occurred because economic development made long life more common. But while this demographic shift was occurring, enormous … Continue reading Ageing – separately or in communities?