Siloitis and street scene issues

I have recently had a serious health incident. One of the side effects of my health is that I have been getting around slower and therefore notice things! I must confess that I have professional experience in street scene matters, having worked for Eastbourne as a road sweeper, been a housing manager, including estates manager… Continue reading Siloitis and street scene issues


Floating homes and floating eco villages

Many people cannot now afford classic land based properties, including key workers like teachers nurses and police. A major cost of property is land. How might we remove the cost of land? By not using it! I envisage putting together a full suite of options – creating new docks and lakes in appropriate places –… Continue reading Floating homes and floating eco villages

Turning Point Newsletter March 1983

Maybe most of the thinking about building together a good world has already been done 🙂 TURNING POINT newsletter March 1983 Turning Point is an international network of people whose individual concerns range very widely - environment, sex equality, third world, peace and disarmament, community po1itics, appropriate technology and alternatives in economics, health, education, agriculture,… Continue reading Turning Point Newsletter March 1983