Turning Point Newsletter March 1983

Maybe most of the thinking about building together a good world has already been done 🙂 TURNING POINT newsletter March 1983 Turning Point is an international network of people whose individual concerns range very widely - environment, sex equality, third world, peace and disarmament, community po1itics, appropriate technology and alternatives in economics, health, education, agriculture,… Continue reading Turning Point Newsletter March 1983

Urban Living Laboratories

https://www.coursera.org/learn/gte-sustainable-cities Thank you for this fascinating talk to Kes McCormick B.A.(Hons) / M.Env.Sci. / Ph.D. / Docent Associate Professor and Assistant Head International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) Lund University, Sweden Thank you so much Kes, thank you Lena, thank you for the invitation to present today. As ever it's an honor to be… Continue reading Urban Living Laboratories

The Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic

The Design Manual for Bicycle traffic, published by CROW, states: 2.4 The bicycle and sustainable safety A sustainable safe road network is based on the following principles: Functionality of roads: monofunctionality of roads in a hierarchically structured road network Homogeneity of mass and/or direction and speed: equality in speed, direction and mass at moderate to… Continue reading The Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic