Holistic Government

Demos have written the following in their publication “Holistic Government”: The core problem for government is that it has inherited from the nineteenth century a model of organisation that is structured around functions and services rather than around solving problems. Budgets are divided into separate silos for health, education, law and order and so on.… Continue reading Holistic Government


Personal Submission to House of Lord’s Select Committee on Equality and Disability

1.        Executive Summary, Recommendations and Questions for the Select Committee I welcome this opportunity to provide comments to the House of Lords Select Committee into the Equality Act 2010 and disability. This submission is focusing on transport and related issues. These are personal comments. Details of my background and experience are here. https://clivedurdle.wordpress.com/about/ Clive Durdle… Continue reading Personal Submission to House of Lord’s Select Committee on Equality and Disability

Credit Creation

  The most important feature of banks: credit creation (Extracted from: New Paradigm in Macroeconomics, Richard Werner*, Palgrave Macmillan,2005; pp. 174-180) http://leconomistamascherato.blogspot.com/2010/04/most-important-feature-of-banks-credit.html Many economics textbooks that mention banks still acknowledge that they can 'create credit'. However, it appears that the original meaning of this expression has been lost.Those textbooks and authors that mention the words… Continue reading Credit Creation

Permaculture and the myth of scarcity Charles Eisenstein

http://charleseisenstein.net/permaculture-and-the-myth-of-scarcity/ At a conference a couple weeks ago an activist who does work in Africa recounted an encounter she had with the minister of agriculture of a certain African country. The minister spoke with excitement about the high-tech agricultural technologies he was bringing into the country in partnership with large agribusiness companies, so the activist brought… Continue reading Permaculture and the myth of scarcity Charles Eisenstein

Coursera how to change the world – an essay

Describe at least two examples of how individuals or private corporations have tried to take something to which a community had free access and restrict this access on the basis of private ownership or price. What can you do to bring something back into the commons? I am going to discuss three areas of relationships between… Continue reading Coursera how to change the world – an essay

Protecting Health from Climate Change

http://www.who.int/world-health-day/toolkit/report_web.pdf STATEMENT BY THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Last year marked a turning point in the debate on climate change. The scientific evidence continues to mount. The climate is changing, the effects are already being felt, and human activities are a principal cause. In selecting climate change as the theme for this year’s… Continue reading Protecting Health from Climate Change