Subversive Spiritualities

Just got this from kindle and it is bringing a lot of threads together!  Anyone heard of Keri Smith or John Rowan?I used to say to my children if they fell over "say sorry to the pavement".I have just come in from shopping and put my keys into the front door, the door opened with… Continue reading Subversive Spiritualities


Rethinking Community Practice In 1977, I spent a few months at Blackfriar's Settlement on a community work placement as part of social work training.  I learnt there the dark arts of welfare rights and of evil concepts like natural justice! I just glanced at this and am worried that different professions are not talking to each other… Continue reading Rethinking Community Practice

Community planning

Sahil Housing Association Unit 2C Leroy House 436 Essex Road Islington London N1 3QP IPS reg 28267R Member National Housing Federation Federation of Black Housing Organisations Homeless Link Association of London Somali Organisations G320 Mohamed Abdullah Chief Executive 07949 565 103 020 7226 4494 The Somali community – Where we are from, where… Continue reading Community planning