Any journey is only as good as its weakest link

The European Transport ministers use the idea of chains to map out issues, and this idea, what are the connections, may be extended to all areas of governance. We do not now have public and private realms that achieve “any journey is only as good as its weakest link “ p77 1.  The idea is … Continue reading Any journey is only as good as its weakest link

Disabled People and Cycling

I attended a meeting yesterday about changes to a town centre and effects on disabled people yesterday. A representative of local disability groups commented that in his experience in focus groups of disabled people, strong fear of cyclists were commonly expressed. I found this very thought provoking, because I am a disabled person whose primary … Continue reading Disabled People and Cycling

Mapping properly The above link is to something I wrote when I was the Director of Redbridge Disability Association, a Disabled Persons' Organisation, that summarises my thinking. Below is something I have just received from Waltham Forest, the parts about highway law and parking and their equality assessment are of note. Disability equality is still … Continue reading Mapping properly