The Tour

The Tour I recently had the very great pleasure and privilege of going on "the tour" of Waltham Forest and wrote the following ramblings as a result! Thank you for a very enjoyable morning. I would like to make some personal comments about my thoughts and experiences this morning, I hope they enable us to … Continue reading The Tour


Declaration of Alma Ata

International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata, USSR, 6-12 September 1978 “The Conference strongly reaffirms that health, which is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, is a fundamental human right and that the attainment of the highest possible level of health is a … Continue reading Declaration of Alma Ata

On Commonplacing

A few useful links 🙂 I don't understand why the big stationers and bookstores seem to be unaware of this subject! why similar systems don't cross reference or be aware of their history!https://bulletjournal.comAnd why "enthusiasts" are doing this :-)      

The Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo and a Tale of Three Cathedrals

Once upon a time, a strange Amazonian god sent me a package of words entitled “Printed Commonplace-Books and the Structuring of Renaissance Thought by Ann Moss.1 I have recently had three male relatives from the generation older than me die, and there were some interesting commonalities in their lives.  One was a physics professor, one … Continue reading The Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo and a Tale of Three Cathedrals

How to govern

A policy or strategy must have and demonstrate three things: 1. it is internally logical, 2. it must demonstrate clearly its context and relationships and be aware of habitus 3. it must be humane, fun, intriguing, liminal, paradoxical, of zen, puzzling, open, enabling. 🙂

The New Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo

This is surprisingly easy to construct. At its centre are three things, infinity, nothing and their dance. These three items are very widely discussed. Godel Escher Bach. Complexity and non-linearity, a universe from nothing. It will be necessary to reinvent our classification systems. Dewey cannot manage this and in fact actively prevents us working and … Continue reading The New Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo