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24 April 2018

Clive Durdle MSc BA (Econ) FCIH Dip Soc. Studies

4 Toronto Road

Ilford Essex    IG14RB

0794 198 8846      0208 554 5889

clivedurdle@mac.com https://clivedurdle.wordpress.com/about/

I wish to develop the Renaissance concept of Opera, where people work together closely to resolve the issues they face, from a participatory, equal, just, co-operative, sustainable, mutual and whole system perspective.

I think that there is only one way to science – or to philosophy, for that matter: to meet a problem, to see its beauty and fall in love with it; to get married to it and to live with it happily, till death do ye part – unless you should meet another and even more fascinating problem or unless, indeed, you should obtain a solution.

But even if you do obtain a solution, you may then discover, to your delight, the existence of a whole family of enchanting, though perhaps difficult, problem children, for whose welfare you may work, with a purpose, to the end of your days.

Karl R. Popper


  • To offer excellent person centred whole system synergistic solutions
  • To resolve clients’ issues intelligently and effectively
  • To work co-operatively with all of a community’s stakeholders


University of Manchester BA (Econ) Hons Social Administration Diploma Social Studies

London South Bank University MSc Urban Policy

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing

Forty five years experience of health, social, and housing services

Solutions offered

The qualitative understanding of a client’s needs forms the motif for the solutions offered. I am able to offer tried and trusted techniques, combined with fresh and imaginative thinking in the following mutual areas:

  • Person centred planning
  • Sustainable neighbourhood management and community development
  • Ethical and quality business practice, audit and change management
  • Inclusive design and equalities
  • Systems thinking

I wish to find solutions together to the issues we face, by thinking through carefully where we are and asking what are the possibilities. I bring together ecological orientation, whole systems, community development and inclusive design to find with you sustainable solutions that work.

Charles Leadbetter spoke at the Enabled by Design Unconference at the Design Museum on Thursday 17 June 2010 and said:

For, With, By and To

In the spring of 2010 I began work on a project called For, With, By and To, which argues there are only four main ways in which we organise most social activities or address social changes.

  • For solutions are delivered to us.
  • With solutions we devise cooperatively with other.
  • By solutions depend on self motivation and DIY.
  • To solutions depend on instruction, command and coercion, to get things done.

Crudely speaking the 20th century was shaped by the rise of more complex, powerful and sophisticated For and To solutions in virtually every walk of life, at the expense of With and By solutions, cooperation and self help.

This dependence on For and To solutions has come at great costs, not least the ability of those delivering to abuse their power. We need to redress this imbalance and develop more effective With and By solutions in virtually every area of life, from learning and health, to ageing and dying, to politics and the environment.”

http://www.charlesleadbeater.net/home.aspx http://enabledbydesign.org/

My aim is to work out with you your aims and objectives, to build together something of sustainable value and to avoid to and for solutions in favour of with and by solutions.

Pope Gregory said mountains are climbed a step at a time, we are about mapping your mountains and working out ways to get to the top!

First it is important to audit where you are now, where are your energies and resources being used and is that really what you want. For and to ways of doing have real hidden costs – they like what are called management factories and bureaucracies. Structures are critical – we need our skeletons, but we need to check if we are clanking around unnecessarily in a huge suit of armour!

My experience includes persuading a Social Security Appeal Tribunal that a married couple was not a married couple for benefit purposes.

I have worked with

Mencap, NACRO FE Colleges and Universities. Blackfriars Settlement, Community Links, London Boroughs, GLA, Housing Corporation, City of Glasgow, City of Berlin, County and District Councils, Health Authorities and trusts, Islington Family Service Unit, Child Poverty Action Group, Friends of the Earth, National Energy Foundation, Sustrans, Redbridge CAB, Redbridge CVS, Springboard Housing Association, Network Housing Group, Solon Co-operative Housing Services, Claybury Hospital Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, Orbit Housing Association, Patchwork Community Housing Association, Sahil Housing Association, SITRA, Marlow Associates, Housing and Support Partnership, Tribal Group , Assn of London Somali Organisations ARHAG, GOL, DWP, ODI, ONS, Artkidz.

Professional experience

2001 – Present Consultant

2006 – 2010 Director Redbridge Disability Association

1997 – 2001 Springboard Housing Association Area Manager

1994 – 1997 Springboard Housing Association Senior Policy and Information Officer

1982 – 1994 Springboard Housing Association Project Manager / Senior Project Manager

1980 – 1982 LB Newham District Housing Officer

1975 – 1980 LB Waltham Forest Social Worker


1994 South Bank University MSc Urban Policy Dissertation: Quality Systems in Housing Associations

1990 University of London Certificate in Ecology and Conservation

1983 Hackney College Professional Qualification of the Institute of Housing. Dissertation Ecosystems, Shelters and Societies

1977 – 1979 Polytechnic of North London Certificate of Qualification in Social Work course.

1972 – 1975 Victoria University of Manchester BA (Econ) Social Administration Diploma Social Studies

1971 A Levels Mathematics A Geography B Physics E

Voluntary Experience

Former Chair Solon Cooperative Housing Services

Former Board Member Enfield Christian Action Housing Association

Former Chair Redbridge Sustainability Forum

Member Greater London Authority Inclusion and Disability Access Panel

Member Access Association

Director Ilford Shopmobility

Member Beyond the Bicycle Coalition

Member Green Party

I have recently had a stroke, am registered hard of hearing and on the autistic continuum. My main mobility aid is a Christiania cargo trike, and I am building up specialisms in life between buildings, street scene, disability and cycling. I am currently exploring “commoning”.

I have provided written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Equality Act and Disability and my comments were used in the report in an introduction to a legal discussion.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Idealism in action… how does one deal with diatribes of obfuscating talking points from diametrically opposed, entrenched, partisan opponents not willing to seek any compromise for fear?

    People put up fences to avoid each other, cell walls make them comfortable, asking them to step outside is a big risk.
    What is the evolutionary solution here?

    Just 2 cents…

  2. http://www.iainmcgilchrist.com/

    “This book argues that the division of the brain into two hemispheres is essential to human existence, making possible incompatible versions of the world, with quite different priorities and values.

    Most scientists long ago abandoned the attempt to understand why nature has so carefully segregated the hemispheres, or how to make coherent the large, and expanding, body of evidence about their differences. In fact to talk about the topic is to invite dismissal. Yet no one who knows anything about the area would dispute for an instant that there are significant differences: it’s just that no-one seems to know why. And we now know that every type of function – including reason, emotion, language and imagery – is subserved not by one hemisphere alone, but by both.

    This book argues that the differences lie not, as has been supposed, in the ‘what’ – which skills each hemisphere possesses – but in the ‘how’, the way in which each uses them, and to what end. But, like the brain itself, the relationship between the hemispheres is not symmetrical. The left hemisphere, though unaware of its dependence, could be thought of as an ’emissary’ of the right hemisphere, valuable for taking on a role that the right hemisphere – the ‘Master’ – cannot itself afford to undertake. However it turns out that the emissary has his own will, and secretly believes himself to be superior to the Master. And he has the means to betray him. What he doesn’t realize is that in doing so he will also betray himself.”

  3. Jacob Soll The Reckoning discusses the history of double entry bookkeeping. Maybe it reflects our brain structure and is reason for renaissance enlightenment and industrial revolution ? And reason we are making such a mess of things – pollution, injustice, watr, global warming, is because we are not auditing – listening to – ourselves?

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