School Travel Plans

Sustrans Scotland1⁠ writes: “School travel plans are simply a list of actions that a school agrees and commits to run as part of a whole school approach. Writing one should not be an onerous task and working together to put the plan into action can be fun and a great learning experience.” “Many schools see … Continue reading School Travel Plans

Bollards and kerbs

The Dutch Bicycle Design Guide 2016 (CROW) states that bollards kill. A high proportion of elderly and disabled people cycle in the Netherlands and a common often serious incident is crashing into bollards, in twilight dark or wet, both in paths and at the side of paths. It seems these incidents were not bing recorded properly … Continue reading Bollards and kerbs

How to govern

A policy or strategy must have and demonstrate three things: 1. it is internally logical, 2. it must demonstrate clearly its context and relationships and be aware of habitus 3. it must be humane, fun, intriguing, liminal, paradoxical, of zen, puzzling, open, enabling. 🙂

Reforming highways law and cycling

I formally submitted the following to the Law Commission. I suggest it is noted ... 1st Floor, Tower ​52 Queen Anne’s Gate London SW1H 9AG 020 3334 0200 ​ Dear consultee Thank you for taking an interest in this consultation for our 13th Programme of law reform. Your contribution will play a vital part … Continue reading Reforming highways law and cycling

Dropped kerbs, Crossovers, Cambers and cycling infrastructure

I have a new mobility aid and street audit tool, a Christiania Cargo Trike 🙂 I think there are many unchallenged design assumptions, and would be pleased to hear any thoughts about the following Kerbs Kerbs are a type of barrier. They are a reactive invention.A detailed study of all types of kerbs, their history … Continue reading Dropped kerbs, Crossovers, Cambers and cycling infrastructure