Once upon a time in Bridlington (Or Art Nouveau trains and cycles)

After a complex and interesting journey caused by a broken rail near Newark (this caused the train crew on an inbound train to kx to be delayed meaning the service I was transferred to following the cancellation of my train could not leave causing further cascade effects probably made worse by privatisation because there are … Continue reading Once upon a time in Bridlington (Or Art Nouveau trains and cycles)


Siloitis and street scene issues

I have recently had a serious health incident. One of the side effects of my health is that I have been getting around slower and therefore notice things! I must confess that I have professional experience in street scene matters, having worked for Eastbourne as a road sweeper, been a housing manager, including estates manager … Continue reading Siloitis and street scene issues

Turning Point Newsletter March 1983

Maybe most of the thinking about building together a good world has already been done πŸ™‚ TURNING POINT newsletter March 1983 Turning Point is an international network of people whose individual concerns range very widely - environment, sex equality, third world, peace and disarmament, community po1itics, appropriate technology and alternatives in economics, health, education, agriculture, … Continue reading Turning Point Newsletter March 1983