BSI Inclusive Cycling

    This is a short introduction to the concept of inclusive cycling.   What is Inclusion?   I am currently experiencing a very large set of issues around being an extremely wobbly disabled pedestrian and now a disabled very balance challenged cyclist. I wrote to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Equality … Continue reading BSI Inclusive Cycling


A Theory of Everything

Saw the Hawkins film last night so thought I would have a go 🙂   Infinity=zero   Justify! Above has three elements - the three body problem - it is unstable! Chaotic! Non-linear! Complex! We are agreed that at the quantum level "stuff" is continually bubbling in and out of existence. When we go to … Continue reading A Theory of Everything

Security and equality

The UN has written “Disasters and other crises often exaggerate existing inequalities. But they also present opportunities to identify gaps in existing policies, to innovate new practices, and initiate greater efforts to correct for the uneven distribution of vulnerabilities” The implementation of these conventions, however, will no doubt be challenged by longstanding patterns of structural … Continue reading Security and equality

Once upon a time in Bridlington (Or Art Nouveau trains and cycles)

After a complex and interesting journey caused by a broken rail near Newark (this caused the train crew on an inbound train to kx to be delayed meaning the service I was transferred to following the cancellation of my train could not leave causing further cascade effects probably made worse by privatisation because there are … Continue reading Once upon a time in Bridlington (Or Art Nouveau trains and cycles)