Where are we going with health?

Just found what Canada is up to, and it makes me wonder what exactly are the purposes of all the changes to health and social services that are happening here.  Have we lost the plot in Britain?"The key feature of primary health care reform is a shift to teams of providers who are accountable for … Continue reading Where are we going with health?

When I’m Sixty Four

When I get older losing my hair, Many years from now, .... Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I'm sixty-four? Thanks to the fab four! How do we live excellently to probably 100 years of age? ¬†This is now reality for many people.¬† We have worked it out! The American … Continue reading When I’m Sixty Four

Tricorders are go!

      http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/business-brains/medical-8216tricorder-device-competition-coming-in-2012/18826?tag=nl.e662   I would go further - full security and identity protection, full integration with building management systems, a whole range of accessibility apps, like able to tell someone accessible routes and even act for blind people as a form of sonar. I recently tried on some noise cancelling headphones, so why … Continue reading Tricorders are go!