Personal Submission to House of Lord’s Select Committee on Equality and Disability

1.        Executive Summary, Recommendations and Questions for the Select Committee I welcome this opportunity to provide comments to the House of Lords Select Committee into the Equality Act 2010 and disability. This submission is focusing on transport and related issues. These are personal comments. Details of my background and experience are here. Clive Durdle… Continue reading Personal Submission to House of Lord’s Select Committee on Equality and Disability


Food Banks or food coops and celebration?

Many years ago I was involved in food coops, and recently went to Kos.  I was impressed by the many small Greek Orthodox chapels, all with kitchens and dining areas, and looking up the numbers of Saint's days, understood why!Nearby islands are blue zones, with the highest life expectancy on the planet. Why are we handing… Continue reading Food Banks or food coops and celebration?

University of Geneva Global Health Essay

It has been argued by Ventkatapuramet al.(2012) that there are four key tensions that must be resolved in the development and implementation of global strategy on NCDs, including; 1) the tension between human rights and corporate rights, 2) tensions regarding where to invest in health along the ‘causal chain’ (from social determinants to treatment services),… Continue reading University of Geneva Global Health Essay

To enable the equitable and sustainable implementation of all the Millennium Development Goals.

Dear Minister This is an essay I have written for a Coursera Course at the University of Copenhagen on Global Health The MDGs currently are: •   Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger•   Achieving universal primary education•   Promoting gender equality and empowering women•   Reducing child mortality rates•   Improving maternal health•   Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases•   Ensuring environmental sustainability•   Developing a global partnership for development[i] The above may appear to be quite separate matters to be tackled as a complex and… Continue reading To enable the equitable and sustainable implementation of all the Millennium Development Goals.

Protecting Health from Climate Change STATEMENT BY THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Last year marked a turning point in the debate on climate change. The scientific evidence continues to mount. The climate is changing, the effects are already being felt, and human activities are a principal cause. In selecting climate change as the theme for this year’s… Continue reading Protecting Health from Climate Change

Where there is no doctor Or how to set up and run a health service properly! Sample Lists of Questions To Help Determine Community Health Needs and at the Same Time Get People Thinking FELT NEEDS What things in your people’s daily lives (living conditions, ways of doing things, beliefs, etc.) do they feel help them to be healthy?… Continue reading Where there is no doctor