Ageing – separately or in communities? Thought provoking! Since the 1960s, there has been a steady increase in the development of environments built specifically for older people including retirement housing, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), memory care centers, and assisted living facilities.  This occurred because economic development made long life more common. But while this demographic shift was occurring, enormous … Continue reading Ageing – separately or in communities?

Inclusive Design

Inclusive design should be seen as a continuous process - from the initial concept, the design brief or master plan, through to the detailed design; the planning and building control approval processes; onto construction and the operation, management and maintenance of the completed facility. Each of these stages should be an inclusive process in themselves, … Continue reading Inclusive Design

Microcars and Mobility Scooters

Some synergies are definitely needed! Many of them had three wheels and engines more suited to powering lawnmowers. They looked like they'd escaped from a funfair ride and had names like the Allard Clipper, the Opperman Stirling, the Bond Mark A and the Frisky Family Three. In Cheaper Than Walking Andy Kershaw rediscovers a … Continue reading Microcars and Mobility Scooters

New prosthesis links give touch and feel Interface scaffolds" could wire prosthetics directly into amputees' nervous systems By David Szondy 16:31 March 4, 2012 Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have announced a breakthrough in prosthetics that may one day allow artificial limbs to be controlled by their wearers as naturally as organic ones, as well as providing sensations of touch and feeling. … Continue reading New prosthesis links give touch and feel

I have been mentioned in a parliamentary report!

Last year I submitted the following to the JCHR.  It has now been published!   Written Evidence submitted by Clive Durdle (IL 6) I understand a clear right to independent living cannot be achieved currently because the main responses are institutionalised. We are continuing to use and build "total institutions" and have policy proposals like … Continue reading I have been mentioned in a parliamentary report!

Sound, the way the brain prefers to hear it By GUY GUGLIOTTA Published: September 5, 2011 LOS ANGELES — There is, perhaps, no more uplifting musical experience than hearing the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s “Messiah”performed in a perfect space. Many critics regard Symphony Hall in Boston — 70 feet wide, 120 feet long and 65 feet high — as just that space. Enlarge This … Continue reading Sound, the way the brain prefers to hear it

3D Printed car – so why not mobility buggies? The world’s first 3-D printed car By Tuan C. Nguyen | September 22, 2011, 6:00 AM PT In miniaturized form, it makes for a fine kid’s toy. But Jim Kor knows that when you’ve spent the last several years talking up plans to build the world’s first 3-D printed electric car, nothing short of a drivable … Continue reading 3D Printed car – so why not mobility buggies?

Martha Graham It seems Madonna was trained by her. Martha Graham created a dance technique that became the first significant alternative to the idiom of classical ballet. As the dancer Alma Guillermoprieto has pointed out, Graham was “the first creator of modern dance to devise a truly universal dance technique out of the movements she developed in her choreography.” … Continue reading Martha Graham