Martha Graham It seems Madonna was trained by her. Martha Graham created a dance technique that became the first significant alternative to the idiom of classical ballet. As the dancer Alma Guillermoprieto has pointed out, Graham was “the first creator of modern dance to devise a truly universal dance technique out of the movements she developed in her choreography.” … Continue reading Martha Graham

Sounds of Silence   "The wind, playing upon the edifice, produced a booming tune, like the note of some gigantic one-stringed harp. No other sound came from it... Overhead something made the black sky blacker, which had the semblance of a vast architrave uniting the pillars horizontally. They entered carefully beneath and between; the surfaces echoed their … Continue reading Sounds of Silence

World’s greenest building?     ’Most energy-efficient building in the world’ being built in Seattle Imagine a downtown Seattle building where you pay no energy bills. A building so green, it acts more like a living organism than a mix of metal and mortar. One is being built in Seattle right now. KING 5’s Eric Wilkinson reports. view … Continue reading World’s greenest building?

Why do the Dutch love bikes?   It is impossible to single out one reason for the fact that the Dutch have more cycle paths than any other nation in the world. Many factors contributed to this phenomenon. But is interesting to look at one of the historic aspects. This video is not a comprehensive explanation of … Continue reading Why do the Dutch love bikes?

Sorting cities  The White House post doesn’t provide a lot of details about each city. But some of the details that are given suggest that increased transit accessibility and a revival of walkable downtowns that create a more vibrant economy are among the priorities.But also with such an emphasis on fiscal responsibility, this program will help cities … Continue reading Sorting cities

Good design is like Universal design pioneer: Why design still excludes many By Melanie D.G. Kaplan | February 14, 2011, 2:00 AM PST Internationally known gerontologist and designer Pattie Moore says good design is like pornography: “You can’t really define it, but you know it when you see it.” But one thing she knows for sure is that if someone can’t use … Continue reading Good design is like