The Orrery revisited

George Clarke in Amazing Spaces has recently built an observatory and shown a building with a welsh dragon outside.

Storage is a continual issue within structures, and solutions are directly limited because a fundamental part of how we build structures is to use straight lines meeting at right angles. This means we then build shelves and cupboards using these straight lines and right angles.

But the observatory programmes have shown there are other ways of structuring – the sphere. The Welsh dragon programme used the idea of using a door to structure storage by making the door not solely a barrier and entrance but giving it other functions as well.

I have recently been reading about knowledge management and how over the centuries many different solutions have been invented including alphabetical order, the hole punch, the lever arch file, the fitted kitchen and the memory theatre.

The observatory and the Pantheon are other ways of using space that possibly have not been evolved as much as they might.

But the sphere is a very common way the universe uses – we are on one! 🙂

I am proposing a storage solution for kitchens, clothes, books, filing based not on straight shelves with or without doors but on spheres.

It is like a large spherical Rubik’s cube. It would probably work best within an observatory type structure allowing items stored to be reached by both spinning the whole sphere and the spheres within it. It will need:

axles and axes that allow movements in all directions to support it and allow it to move to the required point; methods to hold contents securely whilst it is in movement; and for them to be removed and replaced as required. 

The external structure might be spiralled with spheres placed around as required. There might be strategically placed seats also allowing spherical movements as required to reach spheres placed around it. 

There are many examples of what I am proposing but I am not clear if the existing solutions have been brought together to see if we can move from a straight line and right angle philosophy to a music of the spheres philosophy. 

A an orrery of things?

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