The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Regulations

As you do, I have been reading about filing!

It seems it has been completely misunderstood!

It is not meant to just keep things in ordered storage.

It should be fine dining for the mind, putting things together so they taste and smell and look delicious and fill the stomach of your mind.

Not treating bureaucracy carefully, only seeing it as storage instead of as a partner you have a relationship with that can bring together tastes and flavours in new ways , is very dangerous – it bites back and produces horribly tasting burnt or uncooked food of the mind

Bonfires of regulations is the same as burning down all restaurants. Yes, there are poor ones, but many are beautiful, exquisite, statues of the mind, unappreciated, uncared for, unloved.

I strongly recommend a Masterchef Rules!

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