Once upon a time,

the day after seeing Sleeping Beauty, (oh yes I did) I went to the Da Vinci exhibition in Trafalgar Square. It was quite easy to read the mirror writing, and with practice, I would be fluent.

I was surprised that his mirror writing was alleged to be private. I fundamentally disagree. It was efficient and logical and directly related to the other thing the exhibition highlighted, contrasts, light and dark, opposites, shadows.

I have some book tokens for a certain shop so I attempted to spend them. They had two books on University education systems that I thought both missed the plot. I had foolishly read about the Humboldtian system and thought I would see if there were any books about it. John Hopkins, University College London and Humboldt University of Berlin use this, but neither of the textbooks on the UK system mentioned this fundamental point.

What is this Humboldtian system? Only bringing together arts and science, also known as liberal arts.

But wasn’t Da Vinci both an artist and a scientist? Didn’t he follow an ancient Greek tradition?

I foolishly comment on many myriad faults I find in my daily life, and years ago did minor car and motorcycle maintenance. I discovered that to change a clutch plate in some cars required removal of the engine, others the clutch could be got at easily.

My street has just been dug up by Sid’s lot, but already has cabling by Mary’s lot. It also gets regularly dug up by uncle Tom Cobbley and all, most impressively the brand new town centre was dug up by the Gas Board.

I am a disabled person and have been access audit trained. It is embarrassing how many problems there are once you learn to look.

My original background is Sociology, and there is an anthropology professor I M Lewis whose textbook the gods presented to me on new years day in the National Trust secondhand bookshop in the home of the Kings of Wales.

This mutters on about words like holistic.

Da Vinci would use both hands at the same time, writing with notes with the left hand and sketching with his right, using both sides of his brain at the same time. Mirror writing is easily learned with practice by just writing normally with the right hand and allowing the left to mirror.  With practice, the left will become independent allowing the right to sketch. This can also be done with drawing.

I propose we are in such muddles and messes, unable to see relationships, because we very rarely allow ourselves to do what is, in fact, natural to us. Da Vinci worked this out, but we have not realised what he did can be taught.  Our education systems actively prevent this and have led directly to the climate crisis we have. Global warming is the same problem as being unable to easily replace a clutch in a car.

I was surprised to find this is commonly discussed in German but not English ….









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