What is beyond the bicycle?

Once upon a time rumour had it I was pretty good at mathematics and could integrate and differentiate in n dimensions.

I suppose I still do this, but maybe we all do this all the time, and only pretend to ourselves that we cannot do this because we continually look at everything through some form of frame – usually rectangular or split into time segments – windows, photographs, cinema, split seconds, computer screens.

La Sagrada Familia was for me a major doh moment. We do not need to live in a straight line, rectangular world, and in reality, straight lines do not exist, they are abstractions. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance said this.

In straight-line world cycling is impossible, but it obviously is not impossible. Maybe that means one of our foundational myths is mistaken?

I think nearly all the issues we face are related to similar mistaken perspectives on issues – climate change, pollution, poverty, inequality.

Cycling is a critical tool for conviviality to help us move from the straight-line abstract world, with its continual oversimplifications that in the end create more problems than it thinks it solves.

Some of the many many dimensions I think beyond the bicycle should be commoning around include the cycle as a major neurophysiotherapeutic tool and the synergies of rail, water and cycling.

An unconscious framing that continually happens is framing cycling as meaning bicycles and roads. It is far beyond that – it is one of the key prostheses of enabling a just sustainable planet.

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