Sir Richard Burton (not that one) on how to learn a language

Get a simple grammar and vocab.

Mark absolutely essential forms and words

Learn by heart – never more than 15 minutes at a time.

Learn 300 words – easily done – in a week.

Stumble through some easy book work. Underline every word you wish to recollect.

“Having finished my volume” carefully work up the grammar minutia. Chose another book whose subject most interests me.

Neck of language now broken – rapid progress.

If I came across a new sound, like the Arabic ghayn, I trained my tongue to it by repeating it so many thousand times a day.

When I read, I invariably read out loud so that the ear might aid memory.

I was delighted with the most difficult characters, Chinese and Cuneiform because I felt they impressed themselves more strongly upon the eye than the eternal Roman letters.

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