Revolution :-)

Excuse this Sunday morning stream of consciousness 🙂 I need a hot bath regularly to ease my spasticity and I am then a random rubbish generator! I also don’t seem able to remember much and writing it down helps!

I went to a fireworks party after we met with some friends who were leaders of a local group of the paramilitary wing of the cooperative party, the Woodcraft Folk, and as happens a book I lent out a quarter a century ago got returned, about cooperative sports and games 🙂

One of the games is called Spaghetti.

People go in a circle and join hands randomly with two other people then try and untangle themselves without letting go of each others hands:-) It sometimes isn’t possible to untangle but this is a very valuable game.

I see life like that – there are huge entanglements and barriers all over the place, but very few people are conscious of how unnecessarily messy things are.

I did a reasonable amount of maths in the dim and distant past, including integration in n dimensions.  New Scientist recently said research is showing that our brains work in at least seven dimensions.

Something I read about cycling many years ago is that no one knows why cycles work, except that they are extensions of, prostheses for, mind body systems.  Unicycles, bicycles and tricycles all have very different learning needs of how to do them.

What I am mumbling here is that cycling may be far far more revolutionary (doh ;-)) than realised!

These tools for conviviality may actually help us all think better, cooperate better and build Jerusalem in this green and pleasant land 🙂

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