A Theory of Everything

Saw the Hawkins film last night so thought I would have a go 🙂





Above has three elements – the three body problem – it is unstable! Chaotic! Non-linear! Complex!

We are agreed that at the quantum level “stuff” is continually bubbling in and out of existence.

When we go to the universe level it looks like a piece of this stuff went exponential and as it grew in size and age it seems to have slowed – is it proportional?

What we measure as the age of the universe is only using our rulers against this specific virtual exponential bubble, if we go eternal infinite, 14.5 billion “years” (a tautological measure of the orbital rhythms in space time of this lump of rock around the local sol) is temporary and a local measure, not part of the universal structure.

The speed of light also becomes a boundary condition of energy based stuff within this spacetime bubble – again, local, probably evolved.

This actually is a universe from nothing! There may be others, they evolve, but they are all unique, dopplegangers do not happen, because they are at least somewhere and somewhen else and that is a variation in initial conditions.





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