Floating homes and floating eco villages

Many people cannot now afford classic land based properties, including key workers like teachers nurses and police. A major cost of property is land. How might we remove the cost of land? By not using it!

I envisage putting together a full suite of options – creating new docks and lakes in appropriate places – land liable to flooding is probably quite cheap! – creating new floating eco villages, using existing water resources more intensively, construction of berths and moorings in existing locations and enabling a full range of options – classic marinas for yachts and canal boats, other areas for dutch barges, house boats, and on adjacent land marina type development. It would be mixed use – boat related industry, live work, offices, shops.

A full range of scales is envisaged – from very small initiatives to floating eco villages and probably towns. Like the garden cities, I would have some form of co-operative ownership. A green floating accessible Venice?

It will require a full legal, financial, construction, servicing, maintenance and repair infrastructure. But these are only issues of project management!

Disability is another market niche.

Thoughtfully designed boats and floating homes and infrastructure would make brilliant affordable retirement housing or life time homes.

And is it not an easy way to solve global warming issues, just floating up with the rising sea levels? Why not affordable family housing? why not generate energy locally – ground source, hydro, wind, solar, sewage?

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