The Armadillos are Coming Pt 2!




Brilliant post, but are you thinking whole system about this 🙂

The open terminals should be at railway stations!

We move stuff because we need it now or it will be needed to do something else.

There are various permutations

  • ourselves
  • stuff we wear and carry
  • people and stuff we move with – family, luggage, pushchairs, disability equipment, prostheses, cycles
  • light goods
  • medium
  • heavy, wet big massive stuff,
  • tools equipment for work.
  • Recycling

There are also various nodes for storage  – for refreshment, for resting – cafe’s, waiting rooms, luggage lockers, car parking, toilets, cycle parking, public leaning posts as in Sienna.

It could all be rationalised. Why is there not standard sized luggage for aircraft? Why all the chaos of airport security and baggage handling?  Why do we not hire stuff as needed where it is needed?

We need to design for and think through all the permutations. Often missing ones are the cargo trike as a mobility aid – if the lifts in stations are large enough for disabled people on cargo trikes, and baby buggies they can also be used for goods and the containers you mention.  Why pay out for disabled adaptations to trains and stations when similar adaptations may be multi purpose for goods?  It is about control systems, not single purpose interventions.

The trains can easily be adapted to carry these varied sizes of containers, with automatic loading (coal trains have been doing this for fifty years) and using off peak and night time passenger services.

Most hgv, lgv and car movements could become extinct by bringing together just in time, rail and water with local deliveries on timetabled routes to secure multi purpose stores in car parking places in streets with filtered permeability. We used to move nearly everything by rail.

We do not realise that using a car or van is a multi modal journey with many transfers and nodes – we walk to it or use a wheelchair to go to it, we put a bag on a back seat, we transfer children into child seats, we store the vehicle whilst we go somewhere, we carry stuff back to it, we eat in them, we listen to music, we talk on phones, we entertain ourselves by driving too fast.

We use significantly weaker safety rules on roads than elsewhere making them inherently dangerous.  We are being reactive, not proactive and thinking things through properly.  This is having huge effects globally.

Clive Durdle

On 7 Dec 2016, at 13:54, Johan Erlandsson <> wrote:

Absolutely, would be nice to have open terminals at railway stations! I however have no illusion that we will get rid of road transport completely!

Clive replied
Zermatt and Venice have 🙂


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