Cycling and the NHS

Following is from a recent email correspondence with the NHS Sustainability Unit. Apologies, needs to be read in date order!   Hi Clive, I apologise that you feel this way - as you can imagine it is an exceptionally broad agenda and as a very small team of 5 we are doing our very best … Continue reading Cycling and the NHS

Redbridge Budget Consultation

I am not clear what is happening in Redbridge, but I must ask if the officers and councillors actually have any professional competence.  For example, we seem to have proposed budget cuts in both school and disability transport, but the various officers have not written a jointly researched and argued proposal with detailed equality audit. … Continue reading Redbridge Budget Consultation

NHS Public Health Walking and Cycling

Demos have written the following in their publication “Holistic Government”: The core problem for government is that it has inherited from the nineteenth century a model of organisation that is structured around functions and services rather than around solving problems. Budgets are divided into separate silos for health, education, law and order and so on. … Continue reading NHS Public Health Walking and Cycling

Denmark and Netherlands to cooperate about cycling reduction

Danish original DEBATE: Bicycle Fund's Veterinary Research is a short-term downgrading of the already ailing cycling harmful to both human health and the environment. It writes a number of municipalities in community with the message of continuing government support. "I'm so glad my bike," sings children across the country, but much remained Unfortunately, when we … Continue reading Denmark and Netherlands to cooperate about cycling reduction