Food Banks or food coops and celebration?

Many years ago I was involved in food coops, and recently went to Kos.  I was impressed by the many small Greek Orthodox chapels, all with kitchens and dining areas, and looking up the numbers of Saint’s days, understood why!

Nearby islands are blue zones, with the highest life expectancy on the planet.


Why are we handing out food to the deserving poor?  Yessir, no sir, three bags full sir. What was that report that people cannot afford to cook it?

Why is it not a community celebration, eating good, well cooked, tasty, well presented food together in  beautiful surroundings, sharing, wine, music, people contributing what they can – what is that saying from each according to their ability to each according to their need?

There is some interesting stuff in the new testament – they ate together, maybe the alleged miracle of the loaves and fishes was actually people sharing?

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