Tool Libraries

I have a cellar full of tools and man stuff.  But why?  As we have libraries and car sharing and car clubs why not share many many more things like tools, gardening expertise, design skills?

Why do individuals drag around van loads of stuff when they could be picked up using a cargo bike from a local base that has ensured everything is in good working order and fit for purpose and curated for the specific tasks?

Why are many many workers driving around all over the place when people could be working for with and in their local communities?

Everyone has a dream of the local butcher, baker and candle stick maker, but why not truly local businesses, care taking  and place making localities?

In the care world there are moves to care workers working on patches so they are not going huge distances and are able to build up local knowledge and networks.  The community health worker is a similar geographically based idea.

But why not repair and maintenance services, care taking, cleaning, catering also locally based, working together in co-operative pro-active teams?


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