Subversive Spiritualities

Just got this from kindle and it is bringing a lot of threads together!  Anyone heard of Keri Smith or John Rowan?

I used to say to my children if they fell over “say sorry to the pavement”.

I have just come in from shopping and put my keys into the front door, the door opened with a creak, there were various rattles and squeaks.  

It is utterly and profoundly true that there are spirits everywhere and stuff has agency – a key broke recently causing chaos – I was not being mindful about what I was doing.  Another related book is a history of noise.  This discusses Wells Cathedral and the amazing sounds that come out of it if trumpets are blown at certain places.

I saw a few years ago a bloke repairing some sash windows in a house overlooking a canal in Amsterdam.  The house is 400 years old.

Sustainability is very easily achieved – we just have to go gently and say good morning to the front door lock!

Subversive Spiritualities discusses the peoples of the Peruvian high Andes and the mess caused by very clumsy modernist agricultural methods, and fascinatingly, the things in its coat tails, Marxist and evangelical xian ideologies.

 We need to reinvent our own rituals and dances of life.


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