Rethinking Community Practice In 1977, I spent a few months at Blackfriar's Settlement on a community work placement as part of social work training.  I learnt there the dark arts of welfare rights and of evil concepts like natural justice! I just glanced at this and am worried that different professions are not talking to each other… Continue reading Rethinking Community Practice


Health for all, health and well being and older person’s strategies

Following a bit repetitive of other posts but never mind! Health and wellbeing, extra care etc! I have recently completed a short on line course presented by John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health about “Health for All”. I really enjoyed this course as it filled a critical gap in my understanding and also… Continue reading Health for all, health and well being and older person’s strategies

Ageing – separately or in communities? Thought provoking! Since the 1960s, there has been a steady increase in the development of environments built specifically for older people including retirement housing, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), memory care centers, and assisted living facilities.  This occurred because economic development made long life more common. But while this demographic shift was occurring, enormous… Continue reading Ageing – separately or in communities?