For, with by and to

Charles Leadbetter spoke at the Enabled by Design Unconference at the Design Museum on Thursday 17 June 2010 and said:

“For, With, By and To

In the spring of 2010 I began work on a project called For, With, By and To, which argues there are only four main ways in which we organise most social activities or address social changes.

  • For solutions are delivered to us.
  • With solutions we devise cooperatively with other.
  • By solutions depend on self motivation and DIY.
  • To solutions depend on instruction, command and coercion, to get things done.

Crudely speaking the 20th century was shaped by the rise of more complex, powerful and sophisticated For and To solutions in virtually every walk of life, at the expense of With and By solutions, cooperation and self help.

This dependence on For and To solutions has come at great costs, not least the ability of those delivering to abuse their power. We need to redress this imbalance and develop more effective With and By solutions in virtually every area of life, from learning and health, to ageing and dying, to politics and the environment.”

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