Microcars and Mobility Scooters

Some synergies are definitely needed!


Many of them had three wheels and engines more suited to powering lawnmowers. They looked like they’d escaped from a funfair ride and had names like the Allard Clipper, the Opperman Stirling, the Bond Mark A and the Frisky Family Three. In Cheaper Than Walking Andy Kershaw rediscovers a brief golden age in British car-making when we excelled in producing very, very small cars.

He looks back to a time of post-war austerity, of household budgets on a shoestring, a time when political upheaval in the Middle East, particularly the Suez Crisis, cast a dark shadow over fuel supplies. Across the UK, in workshops from Preston to Wolverhampton, from London to the Isle of Man engineers came up with the solution as they set to work on designing and producing microcars, better known today as bubble cars.


The National MicroCar Rally (or “NMCR”) is held once a year, normally on the first weekend in September.

It’s when microcar enthusiasts meet to chat, swap spares, show off their cars, and drive them to visit the surrounding area. For anyone interested in microcars, it’s a great opportunity to see a bit of motoring history, in action.

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