I have been mentioned in a parliamentary report!

Last year I submitted the following to the JCHR.  It has now been published!


Written Evidence submitted by Clive Durdle (IL 6)

I understand a clear right to independent living cannot be achieved currently because the main responses are institutionalised.

We are continuing to use and build “total institutions” and have policy proposals like the removal of DLA mobility from disabled people in residential care and nursing “homes” that are embedding institutionalisation.

I am a member of a working group of the ONS and ODI that has successfully launched the longitudinal study into the lives of disabled people and wish to see their work significantly developed to look at the lives of disabled people in care homes, hostels, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals and similar institutions.

I understand the real costs of institutions in creating and enforcing dependency has not been properly recognised, and as part of this, their huge economic cost is not properly recognised.

I propose a Kafka scale, like Richter and Beaufort, to measure how institutionalised someone’s life is. Social network analysis does this to some extent.

My experience is that the default position of professionals is very often when faced with complexity is to prescribe a home and often to undermine other solutions.

The terms person centred are used but are they meant?

Mariella Frostrup The Young Ones showed alternatives.

I formally recommend the closing down of all long stay institutions.

The following expands my thinking.

https://clivedurdle.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/a-talk-for-international-day-of-disabled-people- chelmsford-dec-2009/


2 March 2011



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