Tea Party II: The new mad hatters; Cameron, Fox, Osborne, Gove, Lansley

The East Atlantic Wing of the Tea Party is carefully implementing the ideology of Koch and Palin here in stealth mode.  To get serious about conspiracies, the Tories knew there was going to be a hung Parliament and decided what can they do to take power without actually having power.  Classic Machiavelli.

They knew the Libdems, with no recent experience of government, would be easy stooges.  The austerity economic illiteracy was a brilliant tactical wheeze to rebuild the world for “free market” superstitions.

We have currently two pieces of legislation – on Health and Education – that are not being discussed together, with the other parts of the legislation – planning.

The non intervention in RBS bonuses is in fact in line with the ideology.  “Free” markets that are actually completely controlled by the hyper rich.

Whatever happened to from each according to their ability to each according to their need and if you have a million oranges why do you want a million and one?

The Eastern Tea Party Inc has a clear agenda.  Big Society is propaganda to support this.

Get rid of government, let the hyper rich have more control, forget about everyone else.

We are like those frogs, we do not realise the water is being slowly heated up from several directions that look uncoordinated but are actually very carefully orchestrated.

We are even being played with – what is happening with disability is classic – let’s try something unthinkable, oh we got away with most of it and have exhausted the opposition in the mean time.

Conspiracy theory?  Maybe not this time.  Maybe someone has read Machiavelli and Sun Tzu properly.

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