I am standing as the Green Party councillor for Aldborough ward Redbridge

Press Release

Green Party

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Green Party is pleased to announce its candidate is

Clive Durdle

for the Aldborough by-election on Thursday, 10th November 2011.


Clive, although a newcomer to the Borough from Golders Green, has lived here for 36 years! He has attended Christ’s College Finchley and Eastbourne Grammar Schools, the University of Manchester and London South Bank University.  He has a degree in Social Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Urban Policy.  He is a Chelsea supporter.

He has worked as a psychiatric social worker; a housing manager; the Director of Redbridge Disability Association and as a consultant with refugees; the Somali and Bengali communities; extra care housing for older people, and disabled young people.  He is the chair of Redbridge Sustainability Forum and the former chair of a housing association, Solon Cooperative Housing Services.

Clive writes

“ I want to achieve a feeling of hope, of a strong community working together to resolve the issues we face.  Aldborough is a beautiful village like ward with some remarkable features and resources and people.  It needs some thought and care. I recently worked on the census here and got a reasonable feel for the ward.  I was very pleased to see the street parties for the Royal Wedding, and the consistent concern for neighbours that I found.”

“If elected, I would want to hold a “Future Search.”  This involves inviting us to meet together to look at our history, where we are now and where we want to be. I am aware of a whole series of local issues, and would approach these matters not on the classic quite bureaucratic way of reporting matters to officers who then respond, but by working out together ways forward with us all.”

“The Italians in the Renaissance used the idea of opera, how can we together create something we love?

What is the effect of our actions on our great grand children?”

For example, are there people with gardens who are not able to keep them as they like?  Would other families like an allotment?  Is there a problem about introducing them to each other?

Vote Clive Durdle Green Party and together we can begin to create together the neighbourhood and world we want.

Notes for editors


Clive Durdle

4 Toronto Road Ilford Essex IG1 4RB

0794 198 8846

Printed & promoted on behalf of Clive Durdle by Steve Lambert, Election Agent,

3 Howard Road, London, E17 4SH (Tel. 020 8520 0676).

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