Tricorders are go!


I would go further – full security and identity protection, full integration with building management systems, a whole range of accessibility apps, like able to tell someone accessible routes and even act for blind people as a form of sonar.

I recently tried on some noise cancelling headphones, so why not ability to control sensory input?

Medical ‘tricorder’ device competition coming in 2012

By Joe McKendrick

Star Trek’s Dr. “Bones” McCoy made no bones about the state of 20th Century medicine — invasive, primitive, “Dark Ages,” were a few of his pejorative terms for modern medicine. In the 23rd century, Bones and other starship crew members used hand-held devices called “tricorders” that instantaneously diagnosed people’s injuries or sicknesses — and healed them as well. “It’s a wonder anyone made it out of the 20th century alive,” he once sniffed.


Cell phones as doctors? This vision will be tested, starting in a few months. Photo Credit: X-Prize Foundation.


If you’re reading this post, it can be assumed you were one of the ones who made it out alive, and the good news is you may not have to wait until the 23rd century for tricorder therapy. Early next year, the X Prize Foundation — noted for competitions to in private space travel and moon probes — announced it will be launching a $10-million-prize competition to any team that can design the first functioning tricorder,

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