I wonder, if since a certain election, we have all been suffering from shellshock, the equivalent to how Rotterdam  felt, and have lost the way we reacted in Coventry and London and many other places.


We are having our economy wrecked by austerions, the NHS is about to be wrecked, education has been, planning soon will be.  Disabled People are being attacked hard.  People receiving housing benefit and nursery costs are being forced to give up work and basically become internal refugees looking for non existent lower rents. We are  basically building more poverty traps.  We are not talking to each other and being listened to.

We are building no council houses, in contrast to Scotland.  We are becoming a very divided and unequal nation, London and the South East basically blind to what is happening in poorer areas and the rest of the country.


We are blaming the Libdems for not protecting us, but maybe they also are all shell shocked by this Blitzkreig.  We have even stopped saying goodbye properly to our soldiers.


What is this cuckoo in the nest who is throwing everything out?

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