We are universal constructors

David Deutsch’s new book “The beginning of infinity” is inspiring me.    Us humans are a very impressive lot, and we have already achieved a huge amount.  We are very able to change our environment to suit ourselves, and for example are able to live in space.


We have done this because we are able to think about things and try things out.


Many of us though, are not that in touch with this brave new world and how it works, although we are all utterly dependent on it.  We have not grasped the size of this universe, and it is one of many, and that the most common place in this universe is a one cubic metre space somewhere between the galaxies with either one hydrogen or helium atom in it.


We like our stories.


But there are actually no limits to what we can achieve.  Our hand eye brain sensory systems that we collectively can work together on are universal constructors and only limited by the laws of the universe and the matter energy in it – practically infinite.


And this isn’t hubris, this is stating reality.


We are at childhood’s end.














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