World’s greenest building?     ’Most energy-efficient building in the world’ being built in Seattle Imagine a downtown Seattle building where you pay no energy bills. A building so green, it acts more like a living organism than a mix of metal and mortar. One is being built in Seattle right now. KING 5’s Eric Wilkinson reports. view … Continue reading World’s greenest building?


Just reading this and as the advert says, loving it!   Methinks our problems may be down to Britain being a very institutionalised society, in the tradition of Goffman Asylums and Total Institutions, but we are so institutionalised we no longer recognise the damage the public schools and related traditions are doing. Why precisely do … Continue reading Hitch22

Why do the Dutch love bikes?   It is impossible to single out one reason for the fact that the Dutch have more cycle paths than any other nation in the world. Many factors contributed to this phenomenon. But is interesting to look at one of the historic aspects. This video is not a comprehensive explanation of … Continue reading Why do the Dutch love bikes?