I consider myself an immigrant to Redbridge, although I have lived here 36 years!  I was born in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital and brought up in Golders Green, my local team is Hendon and I am a Chelsea supporter.  I have vague memories of Hendon playing Chelsea in the FA Cup in about January 1961/2 but can’t find anything about this.

I am currently suffering from man flu and am of course dying.  Feeling a wee bit better I went for a walk, and this time ended up in Wanstead.

The route I took may be part of a Sustrans extension to the Olympic cycling routes, and I may have been on a bit of it – across the Bridge on the A406 next to Ilford Golf Course and Wanstead Park.  There is a sign there Roding Valley Way but I don’t know where the rest of it is!  I have been emailing Sustrans about this, and there is meant to be an extension across Fairlop Plain to the Cycling Centre, but it is unclear when it is going to happen.

My route to the shops in Golders Green – my mum had this habit of walking very fast and dragging us along – involved a dog leg because of the tube line, and I have kind of built into my soul mantra that the shortest distance is a straight line.

I was dragged to church regularly so this concept was reinforced with Biblical quotes about making the ways of the Lord straight!  I suppose I have a Roman attitude to these matters!

On the way to Wanstead I stopped at the excellent cafe in Wanstead Park and had a coffee and chocolate cake for £1;80.  This factoid is important and will be expanded on soon!

I dropped a bit of the cake and very rapidly a dog – who her owner shouted at her “Trouble” – ate it.  I apologised to the owner, who was not too concerned that I might have inadvertently killed her dog, and commented that I knew a dog called Trouble.  She said that wasn’t actually the dog’s real name!

Back to a whinge.  How come in several points what would be a straight line or reasonably direct route is blocked by golf courses?  Do we have a right to roam on this type of land?  Any ramblers wish to comment?

When I got to Wanstead I aimed at the Library and I was surprised at the amount of noise from the part of the A11 before the Tunnel.  I strongly recommend some angled sound absorbing buffers above this.

In the Library I was surprised to find these new fangled machines and had a go once I had been reissued my pin number.  (A question, what sorts of fraud of library books has occurred?)

At least they do not shout at you like the very unfriendly supermarket ones.  (I noticed that electric highway signs in Scotland shout at you – do this, don’t do that.  I didn’t actually see “if you don’t eat your meat you can’t have your pudding”)

The only problem was that it took me a few minutes to work out that you are meant to keep your library card a few inches from the reader – that is not intuitive.

Now about money – I borrowed a book – Alvin Hall What Not to Spend.  And that says keep a diary of everything you spend.  So that is about  £7 in Tesco this morning, £1.80 in Wanstead Park and £1.30 Oyster Wanstead to Gants Hill.  I did say I had man flu so you weren’t expecting me to walk back as well were you?

I have another book about living without money, but that feels a bit extreme sports!



2 thoughts on “Gumping

  1. In GG I recall often climbing a fence next to the railway line to get to Woolworth’s – thus straightening the route, although this may have been unidirectional…
    I think British “rights of way” go back to the Saxons… so you may have a case on golf courses (how do Google maps help here?)… of course you could ask them to build a public underpass … through the bunkers to reduce liability. I recall going to Hendon for FA Cup games (not v Chelsea though)… Funny we never went to Arsenal with Dad. But I think we did Fulham, QPR, Chelsea and Tottenham ourselves.
    Are you talking about WiFi book check outs?

    Are you sure the Man Flu is not related to German Sprouts?

    Get well!

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