I almost did a Forrest Gump today!

Remember in the film he went out for a walk and ended up walking across America?  I did a micro version, from my home, through Valentines Park, to Wanstead Park, lovely coffee and cake there, then up by the Temple and out to Redbridge Lane, Redbridge Roundabout, back across the Drive and back through Valentines Park and home.

Saw a heron to the south of the Red Bridge – A12.

Does anyone know what plans there are to extend the Roding Valley Way south?  Where Wanstead Park meets Wanstead Golf Course to the North West of Warren Drive there is a gate into the golf course, but it does not go anywhere.  Was their a public footpath down to the Redbridge Roundabout?  If it is not possible to keep to the Roding, this is not far off the beaten track as a route for Roding Valley Way!

What is the law about the right to roam in London?  Can I roam across golf courses?

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