Biking is the new golf early Sunday morning this Memorial Day weekend, a work crew from the New York City Department of Transportation will arrive in Times Square. Waiting for a pause in traffic, the team will close off Broadway at 47th Street, directing southbound cars east to Seventh Avenue. In the weeks to come, construction workers will refashion … Continue reading Biking is the new golf

930 gm bike frame

Mass produce please!  SportMark CavendishMark Cavendish's new racing machine owes a lot to the McLaren F1 team• Manxman heading for Milan-San Remo one-day classic• HTC Highroad team to use lightweight, matt-black bikesShare87Richard, Thursday 17 March 2011 15.42 GMTArticle historyMark Cavendish, winner of the 2009 Milan-San Remo one-day classic, will use his new machine in Saturday's … Continue reading 930 gm bike frame

Cycling – it is all a commie UN plot!  Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warnsBy Christopher N. OsherThe Denver PostPOSTED: 08/04/2010 01:00:00 AM MDTUPDATED: 08/05/2010 02:18:07 PM MDTDan Maes said Denver's B-Cycle bike-sharing program was promoted by a group that puts the environment above citizen rights. B-Cycle places a network of about 400 red bikes for rent at stations around Denver. (Cyrus McCrimmon, … Continue reading Cycling – it is all a commie UN plot!