Future for older people

I have just written to a Lord!

Lord Warner
House of Lords

Dear Lord Warner,

Future for older people

I helped open what was allegedly an old people’s home but it consisted of flats. A couple moved into one and I won a Social Security Appeal Tribunal case that “a married couple were not a married couple for
benefit purposes.”

They were living together, but he kept his pension, attendance allowance, housing benefit whilst she got the care home rate. Only she allegedly needed a care home.

The real solution to this is to abolish these total institutions – does no one read Goffman anymore? – called nursing and care homes, and allow everyone to set up the arrangements that make sense for themselves.

For example housing may be owned, service charges paid for communal and estate services, meals may be purchased or made with a support assistant, care and support provided as required.

The other required viewing to understand these issues is Mariella Frostrup The Young Ones. Institutionalisation is endemic.

Most people should be busy for most of their lives – keeping allotments, cooking, art, doing stuff they want to.

Japanese retired people are retiring to the Philippines because there are good cheap properties and highly trained nurses willing to be live in carers.

We are not discussing this subject strategically enough. I would like to see co-operatives working out person, family and community centred solutions.

Yours sincerely,

Clive Durdle


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