Citizenship, Life in the UK, Multiculturalism and Being British

There are many courses, training centres and guides available. They may often be making a basic error. Is Citizenship something you can pass a test in, like driving or the MOT for a car?

But isn’t being British something that takes a lifetime? What are queues, cricket, folk music and pubs about?

Why is it not appropriate to call someone from Wales English? What is “barth” and “bath” about?

We have a very exciting and innovative approach.

As well as ensuring you will pass the citizenship exam we will:

Create with you a personal life map or plan that discusses:

· Your history

· Your current situation

· Your ambitions

We will equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to help you:

· Make a success of your life here

· Enable you to be comfortable here

· Be able to contribute to creating a modern successful beautiful Britain.

We provide an intensive period of study that requires you to attend and contribute regularly, complete assignments and study diligently. We find small groups of about eight people work best and require a fair standard of spoken English or willingness to study English intensively.

Life in the UK is used as a key source, but it is approached in a very different way. Our intention is to enable you to have the ability to continue throughout your life to learn more. You have already proven your abilities by learning another language and moving to a different place. We are building on the foundations you have already laid with your life experience.

Because we are offering you a high quality experience that will change your life part of your commitment is the fees, which are £30 per person per session for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks.


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