Durdle Door on Every Passport!

The Durdle’s will be on every UK passport!


“The images of picture postcard Britain emerged as a result of a competition among Identity and Passport Service staff. They include pictures of village greens, Blenheim Palace, Durdle Door in Dorset, fishing villages, beach huts, canals, dry stone walls and lakes full of brown trout. WildlifeSee more

One thought on “Durdle Door on Every Passport!

  1. There are loads of Durdles buried near Durdle Door and its cousin on Portland Durdle Pier.

    We have got to most places on the planet – it seems some were boatbuilders who forgot to get off. A Mary Durdle was one of the first settlers on Newfoundland – they have plays about her and there is a professor there.

    Durdle may be a corruption of a viking name – the second in command to Canute in charge of East Anglia may be a Durdle.

    Any suggestions about trademarking Durdle welcome!

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