I love long words….

Roots and Wings: ecopsychology and psychosynthesis
A perspective from Helen Sieroda*

I was asked to give a ‘potted’ definition of ecopsychology and a taste of what it is about this emerging field which captured my imagination over 20 years ago and continues to motivate and inspire me today.

Ecopsychology cares about human flourishing and the flourishing of the ‘more-than-human’ world, attempting to understand the psychological processes that connect or alienate us from that world. It proposes that human well being and sanity are intimately linked to the earth and argues that a dissociative relationship with nature rejects our roots, leaving us anxiety driven, with a fragile identity, vulnerable to meaninglessness and hubris leading to exploitative¬†use of the natural world.


What if we discover that our present way of life is irreconcilable with our vocation to become fully human? 
– Paulo Freire-

Aunty discussed something similar this afternoon.

Helen Marks visits Northamptonshire where a new centre is opening for young people to learn about horses and the countryside as a way of developing their confidence. The work that the Seeds of Change organisation has done so far with young people has had surprising results. Vulnerable teenagers with low self esteem and some young offenders have been learning how to interact with horses as a way of managing their own emotions and behaviour. Some of those young people have since gone on to work in agriculture and now the centre is expanding its programme to teach rural skills such as horticulture. Helen meets some of the new students at work with the horses.

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