Food and a new world

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme has just had a fascinating programme, but somehow their web page does not capture the spirit of the programme.

Earlier this year I was in Nottingham with a group of people mumbling that things ain’t right.  Someone commented that if they needed an old people’s home it would have to be a lively place with everyone eating, drinking and talking.

It seems these ideas are not that far fetched and are in fact a common dream.  we have the Isokon, Wayne Hemingway and Jamie Oliver for example.

“As part of the Radio 4 season, London: Another Country? The Food Programme looks at the growth of the capital’s underground supper clubs and its connection to a 1930’s block of flats, the Isokon building.

Why are today’s Londoners embracing the concept of turning their homes into “pop up” restaurants and inviting strangers in to dine?

Food writer Tim Hayward believes the answer lies in the story of a dining club founded in 1930’s London called “The Half Hundred”. Many of its members were artists, designers and writers and residents of the Isokon building. The group set out to challenge established thinking about dining out in London. Is that what today’s “pop up” hosts are setting out to do? Sheila Dillon finds out.”

was discussed.

I think we have become amazingly bureaucratised and recommend a kafka scale.  I have been playing with the idea of an independence audit, but this feels like the same bureaucratic stuff.

Maybe it is very simple.  What are the opportunities for someone to live in a beautiful place, with others who help build the common weal, love food, drink, art and rocknroll, to build for themselves with others an excellent life and world?



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