Is the wave barrier free? We discussed making a city barrier free.  Possibly a city designed for all should not be to a grid pattern, but follow natural waves and cell shapes? Would that be truly ecological and beautiful and accessible? What is the mathematics of these shapes?  Are they more efficient? 

21 March 2009

 Today has been the  equivalent of a day with high quality drugs, opium, LSD, cocaine.  With my ipod playing extremely relevant tunes at appropriate times, like 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire and Queen Barcelona on La Rambla!   What has Gaudi to do with disability?  I think he is the high priest, the equivalent of … Continue reading 21 March 2009

Whole Systems

(From Leading Change) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Leading-Change-Guide-Systems-Working/dp/186134449X/ref=sr_1_42?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1277114579&sr=1-42 (1) Optimism - that people and organisations have the capacity to learn and the commitment to tackle dilemmas and intractable 'problems'. (2) Empathy and humility - in the face of the tough challenges faced by those who are charged with, or voluntarily take on, a whole systems development agenda. (3) Tenacity … Continue reading Whole Systems

Command Leadership

http://www.deming.org.uk/downloads/managing_transformation_means_transforming_management_sopk2.pdf Short term thinking Focus on individual functions, instead of end to end processes Arbitrary local targets instead of optimising the way the organisation works together Buying the cheapest components instead of optimising quality and total cost Quality checks at the end or outside the process instead of eliminating waste, failures and errors

Social Exclusion

 Is about multiple, tangled webs of problems that are persistent; there may be beliefs that it is permanent. Ways out of this morass include: Dealing with real problems Tackle problems that cross-organizational boundaries that fall between the cracksGive power to local people – ask them to be catalysts for change.  They will need support, training … Continue reading Social Exclusion