21 March 2009


Today has been the  equivalent of a day with high quality drugs, opium, LSD, cocaine.  With my ipod playing extremely relevant tunes at appropriate times, like 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire and Queen Barcelona on La Rambla!


What has Gaudi to do with disability?  I think he is the high priest, the equivalent of Darwin with the natural world!


Why?  Disability is asymmetry writ large.  Gaudi broke through our fiction of the perfect straight line and circle, and spent his life with the far more interesting chaotic fractal flowing real world of this planet in its gestalt of a huge universe.


The true gods are with me!  (Gore Vidal wrote that this was the preferred term of a certain Roman Emperor who was assassinated by his Christian arms bearer).


I discovered another treasure trove tonight – Altair – I did not know it existed!


I have been playing with the idea of mapping disability and I find a superb map shop!  I think they cannot have anything on disability, but they do!



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