For the last 30 years, Tides Foundation has been paving the way for progressive philanthropy.
Our experience in grantmaking makes us a leading provider of philanthropic services, but it is our role as donor organizer and knowledge broker, and our commitment to our values that truly make Tides a unique foundation.

We take the time to develop relationships with donors and non-profit organizations and thus really understand how to best support progressive movement building.

We have developed key strategic principles — values and priorities that Tides applies across the broad spectrum of our grantmaking — that guide our work in philanthropy.

Remember that Race and Class Matter.

This fact was made all the more obvious following the disaster of the hurricanes on the Gulf Coast. As funders, we can work to support groups that integrate an explicit racial and ethnic justice lens in their analysis, strategic framing, and tactics. We also can support the leadership of people of color within the progressive movement.

Listen to the Field.

Responsive philanthropy is connected philanthropy — grantmaking that speaks to the realities of activists and constituents in the field, and that connect funders to the wisdom of field leaders and experts.

Fund from Bottom to Top, from Side to Side.

Making the connection between community-based grassroots organizations and national organizations, between organizing campaigns and think tanks, between direct action, direct service and policy development — integrated funding strategies can have a broad impact.

Seize Today; Plan for Tomorrow.

Support direct action by groups who can take advantage of immediate opportunities while building long-term infrastructure and capacity for the future.

Re-frame the Vision.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that the progressive movement needs a pro-active, values-driven, widely-adopted vision for progressive movement, and needs to communicate that vision in a compelling way.

Re-think how we Make Change.

Look beyond traditional routes of creating change through policy and politics, explore the role of business and consumers and bring together unlikely allies.

Connect the Connectors.

Building an integrated progressive movement means supporting collaborative efforts among organizations, breaking down “issue silos,” and reaching out across cultural lines, across communities, and across strategies.


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