Going Dutch

We have a new government that will soon implement major cuts. But how are the decisions made about this?

Might it be possible to improve exponentially what we are doing with far less resources?

John Seddon reports that the number of hours it takes to make a Lexus is less than the hours used in reworking a top of the line German luxury car at the end of the production line, after it has been made.


Many years ago I worked on a Bird’s Eye production line. I was being paid for my hand eye co-ordination. My brain was not needed.

At roughly the same time I worked in a team of road sweepers, where interestingly my brain was being used all the time!

I want us all to bring our brains to work and watch the results!

It seems that a certain people who successfully invaded and conquered us in 1688 – so successfully that the historians pretend it was not an invasion – have cracked these issues, for example in their attitude to cycling.


There is something very strange about Britain. We are contemplating major cuts without asking is it possible we are already incredibly inefficient and maybe we can change things without the equivalent of leaches and blood letting.

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