The Dutch are streets ahead

Thanks to Andrew Robertson There is many a thing that springs to mind when I think of the Netherlands. Windmills, cheese, liberal cannabis policy, open prostitution, the colour orange, flatness and cycling. Yes indeed, there is many a reason to admire these neighbours of ours, including the fact that the majority of the population … Continue reading The Dutch are streets ahead

National Centre for Independent Action

We are not an arm of the state. We have our own arms. Managing Independence NCIA campaign work This is a list of the work currently underway, being developed, to support our campaign aims on Managing Independence. Contact us if you want to know more or be involved. The purpose of our work … Continue reading National Centre for Independent Action

Enabling the future to participate

There are strong logical arguments in favour of using cooperative methods as the fundamental structures of all sustainable initiatives. Sustainable policies need to enable cooperation and discriminate against individualism and the two varieties of landlordism, private and social. No one is an island; domination and hierarchy are not sustainable social structures. (Bookchin). Cooperative principles have … Continue reading Enabling the future to participate


Price (1992) argues for a change from the sewerage principle to the ecological principle of urban planning. The sewerage principle concentrates on spending downstream of the problem, whereas an ecological principle requires investment upstream. With a sewerage principle we are creating problem-management systems, whereas with an ecological principle we are actually planning for promotive and … Continue reading Sewerage


The science of ecology has two complementary facets; study of the hierarchies of organisation, the classic reductionist classificatory method, and the construction of theories about relationships. Odum (1983) writes; The organised state of life is maintained by a continuous but step wise flow of energy. Thus dividing up a graded series or hierarchy into components … Continue reading Ecosystems